• Will I receive a certificate?

    Yes - everyone who successfully completes a course will receive certification.

  • Can I use my certification to get on higher education courses?

    Yes, all certificates can be used towards a place on a top fashion higher education course - or towards a job in the fashion industry.

  • Will there be an annual subscription?

    Yes - we plan to roll out an annual subscription, giving subscribers full access to all of our courses.

  • What is Pioneers of Fashion's mission?

    To bring world class tutorials from fashion icons and senior fashion lecturers to a global audience of future pioneers.

  • Will all courses be available online?

    For now - but we have plans to roll out real world courses at prestigious international fashion institutions.

  • Who are your affiliates?

    We were spun off from 2210fashion.com - a social enterprise supporting emerging luxury and fashion designers. The project has made friends with some of the most powerful people in the fashion business.

  • How do I reach customer support?